Friday, July 18, 2008

Gotta Catch "Em All!

Once Upon a time, Holly, who works with William, went to Burger King for her lunch break and got a kids meal. She ate the food, but came back to the office with a sweet pokemon card holder and a pokemon card. When showing off her prize, Will examined the card and declared it to be 'weak sauce'. He felt that there were much more powerful cards that could be played in a pokemon game.
Shelly, who also works at the office, just happened to have a set of pokemon cards at home and decided to bring them in the next day to show Will.
Will thought it was awesome and challenged Holly to pick out a pokemon deck so that they could "duel". Everyone else who wandered into the break room during that period was also invited to join in the poke-awesomeness. Will was determined to pick the best pokemon deck.
He made sure that he knew all the rules. He examined the best combinations of pokemon. He checked out all the powers and attacks and defenses. He considered each pokemon card one by one.

He sang a little. We love him, anyway.

The end.

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Jessica said...

How big is that Pokeman card collection?