Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Pumpkin Carving!

Our friends, the Riggins, invited us over for a pumpkin-carving family night. They purchased pumkins for us and everything, and it was so much fun!

Will and Britt pumpkin-carving

Me and the pumpkin

Bret finished his pumpkin and played with Reese

The crew and our pumpkins

The pumpkins and an extra head

Bret: Boston Red Sox logo
Will: classic face
Anna: Cat
Britt: spider and web
Reese (Anna did this one): Bat, light-bright style


Jasmine said...

Awesome carvings, how did you do that? I can barely do three triangles and a toothy grin.

Jay and Emily said...

Those are way cute! I love carving pumpkins! I really like the one you did for Reese.