Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We have updated our address with most every place we need to and are beginning to feel like official residents of Logan. I'm not gonna lie, the move was stressful, but now that we're more than halfway unpacked, I feel like I can take the time to blog again, and am starting to feel at home.

We were at Wal-Mat buying some things for the new place, when Reese decided this whole moving thing wasn't as hard as I made it sound, so she figured she could just recline and relax

school has started again for Will, but this time he has Reese to help him study


Unpacking has been stessful with a daughter who spent the last week being babysat while her Momma and Daddy packed, who now feels the need to be very clingy. We decided that, since all her toys were either gifts or teethers, we would break down and buy Reese a new toy. We wanted one that had lights, because she is easily distracted by lights, but ended up finding this kid computer. We decided this was the one when we discovered what happened when we tried to take it away from her...


Hosander said...

Myanna has that computer too, if she ever gets it turned on, do activity 29, it plays music.

Where do you live in Logan?

Britt said...

Yay! An update! I was beginning to wonder if you got lost in the move. Glad to hear it went ok. I'm officially a WA resident, got my driver's license today and everything. Wahoo!

Ryan and Maranda said...

So cute! Poor thing has to wear a jacket in June. Dumb cold Logan :) I hope everything went smoothly for you guys and you're enjoying your new adventure. Somehow we're getting along at work without you guys. :(

Megan & Matt said...

I'm so sorry I didn't get to come over and say goodbye! I'm glad the move went well and I am excited to hear about your adventures in Logan!