Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ten Months

Shareese is ten months old today.

Here are some things about Reese

Smiles a lot . crawls around . prefers to be walked around . climbs on things to standing . interested in pine cones . developed a tendency to tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants . persistent . explorer . loves the outdoors . hates wearing a hat . wants to sample anything she sees Momma or Daddy eat . still no teeth . doesn't like getting buckled in car seat . usually good once buckled in . chases bugs . laughs out loud . likes to do acrobatics with Daddy . curious . still sticks her tongue out all the time . grabs . loves bananas . likes books with flaps . likes pushing buttons . keeps trying to play with the stove knobs even though Mommy doesn't let her (and maybe because Mommy doesn't let her) . thinks shoes are for sucking on . likes to tear paper apart . eats like a bottomless pit .

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