Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pretend Birthday

Reese turns 12 months old this month on the 28th. But since Will and I are so far away, we're not really doing anything special with family to celebrate. My mom suggested that we make a cake for Reese and have a pretend birthday party while we were visiting, even though Reese isn't quite one yet.

The Baby of Honor:
Reese has no idea what's going on. I'm not sure why parents even light a candle.

snacking on the owl from the top of the cake.
Video: Reese having no idea what is going on, so Kylee finally blows out the candle for her.
The Cake:

"Whoo, Whooo is 1?" If you can't tell, the purple character is an owl.

Why, Reese is 1, silly

The whole cake. The trunk is chocolate, the tree top and owl are yellow cake. The leaves are peppermint sugar clay (which Kylee didn't like saying "it tastes like gum", the owl's eyes, wings and tummy are oreos, the beak is a starburst.

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Britt said...

Did you make this cake? It's way cool! Lucky Reese