Wednesday, August 12, 2009

At Grandma's With The Cousins

Since Blogger uploads pictures weird, these are all in reverse chronological order. Sorry.

Reese playing in the wood chips at Discovery Children's Park. It's a huge playground with educational equipment, like a volcano-shaped fort that has information on the food chain, a set of dino bones to play in with info on dinosaurs, and quite a few physics lessons in the form of sound tunnels and such.

Brayden crossing the monkey bars (notice uncle Will isn't even helping)

Kylee trying out the rings

Kylee with aunt Kenzie and Kenzie's friends, Miranda and Linly.

Brayden on the tire swing. He liked this one a lot

Kylee and Brayden, lolly pops from Chuck E Cheese

Kylee and Reese on the jeep at Chuck E Cheese

More Jeep fun.

Brayden and Kylee on the Chuck E Cheese play set

Tea party (excuse me, "water party". We don't drink tea as Kenzie points out. Ahem.) at Grandma's house.

Games in the living room

Will made the mistake of leaving the pasta bowl too close to Reese
BBQ with the Christensens in the area.

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