Friday, August 28, 2009

One Year

Today Reese is 12 months old! Here's the scoop:

Reese got a Barney and friends birthday card from her great Grandma and Grandpa Faber. She carried it around and played with it for a while.

We were going to the local pool for a swim with some other moms and kids in the neighborhood. Turns out we got there too early because the hours have changed for school this week, and it was closed. So much for a birthday pool party. I even had remembered to bring my camera and didn't get to take a picture. This is Reese in her swim diaper getting undressed from the failed trip. We'll make another attempt before the pool closes for the season.

Reese had a whopping one wrapped present. It was a book from Grandma and Grandpa Heath. She also got some toys that I used to play with when I was a kid. Thank you to those who gave Reese monetary gifts. Those birthday funds will be used to buy her new winter gear when it gets colder.

following presents, Reese got the cake. Her birthday cake was a cinnamon gooey cake of my own invention. When she was done with it, the final resting place of the cake is as follows: 85% on the floor, 5% in her tummy, 10% on her body, mostly the hair and hands.

I do have footage of her doing some eating and throwing, but this was end result of the meal.

Following a bath, Rees put a skirt on her head and tried to help load the dishwasher- or at least tried to lick the dishes in the dishwasher.

I had to go out for the evening, so Reese finished off her birthday with Daddy (this is Reese in her pajamas)

Here are some things about Reese:

Her vibrant blue eyes seem to always get comments even from strangers . She's consistently been in the 80-90 percentile for all measurements except head circumference (her 12 month visit is next week, I'll update then) . She takes about two naps per day . She's really shy around adults and really relaxed around kids . She screams randomly, just for fun . She loves wearing necklaces, or putting just about anything around her neck . She's started giving hugs . has a ticklish tummy . likes baths . She's constantly trying to get into the kitchen garbage . likes to brush her hair. she thinks it's hilarious when Momma puts bows in her own hair, just to show Reesey what it's supposed to look like . She's tall enough to turn the TV on and off (and on and off and on and off...) . She loves listening to people on the phone, even though she hasn't said anything back, yet . She's pretty good at walking, but still in the process if gaining better balance . Still a fabulous sleeper . Curious . Loves bananas . Hair long enough to look messy in the mornings . pulls laundry out of the basket and newspaper off the table . sucks on her toes . loves the outdoors .

Stats: 20lbs 7oz - 30.5 inches long - 45.3 head circumfrence

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Britt said...

Awe, Happy Birthday Reesy! We love you and sure miss you. Wish we could have been there. (on a side note, what's your address, Anna?) Loves and Kisses,
The Riggin Family