Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jazz Game

Megan and Todd were nice enough to invite us to their work Christmas party. Each employee is aloud to bring a guest with the idea that they'll bring a spouse or family member, but since they both work there, they each had an extra ticket to the box seats at the Jazz game courtesy "Spiral Interventions" as the signs on the doors said. Reese got to come, too.
Reese enjoyed the food and being with adoring aunts (Megan pictured), more than one of which was there.
With Aunt Kenzie watching the game. We got to go down at halftime and give high-fives to players as they re-entered the court.

We also got Free T-shirts. The only size was XL, but that didn't stop us from putting one on Reese, too.

Will, having a good time.
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Reese, having a good time.

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