Sunday, August 1, 2010


At dinner, Grandpa told us a story of the morning when Grandma asked him, "Would you like a green pickle?" Grandpa thought, "Of course I don't want a green pickle," and declined the offer. A few minutes later he saw Grandma eating a Creamie popsicle. He wondered aloud why she hadn't gotten him one. She asserted that she had offered- but he had declined the "creamsicle."

To his credit, "creamsicle" does sound like "green pickle."

Today we had the creamsicles out again. Grandma gave one to Reese and then realized that she probably shouldn't go out and eat hers on the couch, because then Reese would take it as a go-ahead to do the same. She began to sit down at the table when Reese, who was at the counter, motioned to Grandma to sit at the counter next to her. It was so cute I couldn't resist getting a snapshot of the two enjoying their popsicles together.

I'm also pretty lucky because just last weekend one of Reese's cousins, Lillie, taught Reese how to say "cheese" for pictures.

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