Friday, August 27, 2010

Reesey Activities- Photo Dump

Reese brings in the haul from Grandpa Faber's fruit trees.

First weekend back to school we visit the local zoo. Reese's favorites are the monkeys and feeding the ducks.

Reese makes art of her snack.

While packing to move back to campus, Reese found a Liam shirt and tried to put it on. She was just as happy to have a new hat.

Reese poses by her play-dough creation. We had red and yellow clay, but now we also have some orange. This picture was taken while we still were staying with Grandpa and Grandma Great. I had to hide the clay or we would still be playing with it now.

At the Heath family reunion. One of four family reunions this summer.

Making sugar cookies our first Sunday back on campus to take to the new neighbors. Again, If I hadn't baked the cookies we'd still be playing with the dough now.

"Mama, I like corn." Complete sentence.

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