Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two Years Old

Reese turns two years old today. She knows the word "birthday" but I don't think she understands that it has to do with age- just parties, since we celebrated her birthday a couple weeks ago while we still lived close to family.
Because of her previous party, we had nothing special planned for today. However, when we were at the grocery store, I considered buying one of those miniature cakes with two servings just for fun. Turns out there was a full sheet cake with Reese's peanut butter and chocolate flavors for way cheap because today was the sell-by date.

Reese was way excited and kept asking for the cake. I kept telling her that we had to eat dinner first. She passed the time by snitching watermelon...

... and trying on Mama's shoes again.

We were going to have pancakes for dinner but, because we were now going to have a sugary dessert, just went with eggs and potatoes- which Reese gladly ate with her fingers. She loves eggs.

After dinner came the cake! Reese sang along with "Happy Birthday" and then blew out her pretend candles.

Her first bite was with the fork...

But none of the other ones were. Then she stuck a bit of cake on each thumb and ran around.

When we told her she needed a bath she was so excited she forgot that you have to get undressed first.
Then she volunteered (read: demanded) to help clean up. It's a good thing Mama had the floor pretty well done by the time she noticed the Swiffer. She pulled off the disposable wipe and had trouble putting back on. When Daddy tried to help her she got annoyed, "Uh, uh! Sit!" Will was a little shocked that she would talk to him like that. "No!" he said, "You sit!" It was a very mature conversation (which, by the way, she ended up winning.) She didn't let the wipe go for a good ten minutes-

- When the vacuum came out.

Once again happy birthday, Reese!

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