Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Make Over

I've been wanting to do a sister activity for a while now because I love my sisters but, lets face it, we don't hang out together nearly enough. So I asked my youngest sister, Nikenzie, if we could give her a makeover. She was excited about it and I was excited to hang with my girls.

My sisters were a big help. Megan, the Mary Kay consultant, helped us with makeup and the new outfit. Shelly was our official "Personal Shopper" since she's super talented at finding cute clothes at second-hand stores (Yay for Plato's Closet!) Lauren came with us to our fruitless trip to forever 21, but helped us brainstorm a vision for the look, finished styling Kenzie's hair, and took all the "before" and "after" pictures.

Missing were Jasmine and Jessica, who are too far away to join in. But we love you guys and miss you!

So here is just one before/after photo set of Nikenzie. Please click here for Lauren's blog to see other photos.



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