Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oodles of Video

Warning: most of these videos are pretty uneventful. I just don't have anything else to do with them than post them here.

Daddy was reading the scriptures to the family. It was intense. Something about if you don't follow the Lord's ways then you will be cut off from his presence. He finishes and slams the book shut with drama. "Dun dun dun!" chants Mama ominously. "Dun dun dun," repeats Reese in an intense whisper, which is now repeated every time we finish scripture reading.

Reese decides to read the scriptures on her own. The video is long because we're hoping she'll stop with her signature ending, but instead when we ask her if she's all done, she just says "more."

Then when Daddy reads for real, she finally does it:

Reese's rendition of "Twinkle Star"

Liam had started swatting at and gripping things: (Both toys and Mama's hair.)

Some Footage of our happy boy right before jammies.
Playing with Mama:

Playing for the camera:

And here are some picture, just in case you have trouble with the video and want to see my cute kids:
Liam and his dangle-toys

Reese all ready for our bitter weather

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