Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Past Week

On a crepes kick. Will liked our ham and cheese crepes for dinner this past week, but I love the sweet ones with strawberries and honey. (Pictured are the chocolate crepes with strawberries and Nutella, and white crepes with cream cheese, honey and strawberries.)

I think taking pictures is going to be the new trying on shoes. If that makes sense.

Here's how her picture turned out.
We went to the mall because it's getting really cold here. I can't wait to finish school and move someplace warmer. I dream of Phoenix.
Reese playing on the giant junk food.
I'm pretty excited because a Chick-fil-A just opened up really close to us and it has an indoor play place! They're going to get our business just for that. Smart move, Chick-fil-A.

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Today after stake conference we were eating lunch. Will and I got to talking when we both noticed at about the same time that Reese had disappeared. Turns out she had put herself down for a nap. She turned out the lights, shut her bedroom door and crawled into bed. I love having a little girl that understands the complete awesomeness of nap time.
Reese has been very into writing letters lately. Most of her letters look like "e" or "o" but she often asks me to write and spell her name. Then she pretends to write her name, but usually she includes a lot of letters that don't belong in "Reese". But the fact that she seems to be making the connection between words and objects is pretty cool. I'm excited to start teaching her about letters in earnest.

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Jealous! Joshua would never lay himself down for a nap.

Super jealous!