Monday, March 14, 2011

We're Going To The Zoo Zoo Zoo

Spring Break! We decided that it would be fun to go to the zoo. Though the day was pretty nice, it had snowed and snowed and snowed the night before. As a result, the elephants and the rhinos weren't out. But, the ticket girl explained, the tigers are usually more active in the snow! Also, I think we spotted maybe four or five other small groups of tourists. Other than that, just the heaths, the animals and the zookeepers.

Can you see the tiger? Yeah.... not so active after all.

Feeding the ducks

Reese and Mama spread our wings like the small owl in the background

Reese poses by the baby croc that jumped up and snapped at her. Poor girl was terrified.


I forget what this one is called.

"wild cat" that I thought looked like a common domestic cat.

Wolves. Notice all the snow. We had the zoo to ourselves.

Leopard. Or was it a jaguar? Either way, funny spelling and/or pronunciation. (I never understood why "leotard" and "leopard" were pronounce so entirely different, and I keep hearing people say "Jag-Yoo-arr", which may be right, but I grew up hearing it like "jag-wire")

Some type of cat hiding in the snow. Will tried to lift Reese up so she could look down and see more of him, but even I had a hard time.


Giraffe again!



According to Reese, one was the "Reesy camel" and the other was the "Daddy camel"

Measuring up to the gorilla

Birds on the walkways.

Lunch at the Zoo. Since there was a foot or more of snow on all the outdoor picnic tables, we ate our brown-bag lunch in the dining room of a zoo restaurant. To be polite (since restaurant tables are only supposed to be for restaurant patrons) we got some ice cream for dessert.

Liam and the Monkey.

Reese imitates the birds.

And the monkeys



I had to roll up my pant legs to avoid getting soaked in the snow slush and I griped a lot about it while we were there, but it really was a nice time. We took our time, didn't have to wait in a line or push through a crowd, and got out of the zoo at just the time we had preset to go- without even checking the clock. So it was pretty perfect. Except we missed the elephants.

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