Sunday, June 5, 2011

Real Haircut

Okay, so earlier I may have told you all that Liam had his first haircut. But that was only sort of his first haircut. I was just trimming some hairs that were crazy long on the top of his head.

Yesterday, Liam had is first real haircut. I was going to cut Will's hair anyway, so we figured it was a good time to see if we could get Liam's hair to stick up all cute-like again (it had gotten too long to do that) and also trim the back to avoid any embarrassing mullets.

The "Before" pic. I had just trimmed the back with the electric clippers and wetted his top when I remembered, last minute, that I need to take a picture!! (I don't, ironically, have an "After" pic, and he's sleeping right now so you won't get to see his stylin' self until later)

A lock from the back, all blonde and fuzzy and *eyes tearing* PRECIOUS!
I realized later that only the mother of the child would get all emotional over a picture of the cut hair. Or even any of the cut hair, for that matter. But cut me some slack. I am the mother, after all.

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