Friday, May 27, 2011

The Crib

So remember that post where I got a picture of Reese sleeping under Liam's crib? Yeah. Well. She hasn't actually slept in her own bed since. We've actually started tucking her in under there. I don't know how she's going to take it when Liam starts standing up and we have to lower the crib mattress. *shuffling that thought away to not think about until later*

After putting the kids to bed tonight, Will and I were planning a Sunday School lesson. We could hear the kids playing with each other instead of going to sleep, as usual, so I didn't think much of the sound of Liam's mobile until Will pointed it out.

"Oh, " I thought "Sometimes when you wind it up it will stop going before it's completely unwound, and then if you nudge it it will start going again, Reese probably was giving toys to Liam again and threw something at it.

Then I stopped thinking about it until Will pointed out something more: "Uh, does it sound to you like someone is winding the mobile?" I stopped to listen. Yup. Sure sounded that way. But we must be hearing things because Liam wouldn't be tall enough even if he could stand and Reese can't reach the mobile from the ground.

Turns out she decided to graduate from under the crib to in it. She's become quite the climber lately.

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