Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th Of July

Our Independence Day started with Reese asking to go to the "castle" playground, but then it started raining, so we went to Jungle Jim's instead. This time we actually had fun. Last time she rode one ride and was too scared to do anything else.

The Jeeps ended up being her favorite, while Liam threw tantrums when the carousel stopped. There were no lines, so we kept letting him ride it. He throws the same sort of tantrums when it's time to get out of the swing at the park.

Reese and Daddy on the elephant ride

Reese and Mother (Mama, sometimes I call you "Mother") on the spin around ride

Daddy and Liam watching

Later, we went to visit Cathy and Curtis for the annual Heath family barbecue. Luckily, the rain had, by that time, decided to move on. Uncle Grant was a favorite among the kids. As seen here.

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