Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goings On

Reese saw her first movie in a theater! Will says she did pretty good, aside from about 5 minutes when she was just playing around. She went with her dad and her cousins (Mike's family). They saw Cars 2.

Liam has been crawling around like a mad man. He loves making noises at Gramma Great.

And he continues to be jealous of every food or drink he sees anyone else with.

Group picture when Reese had her camera out and insisted that I do the same.


After jealously playing with Grampa Great's ipad, Will finally decided to spend graduation gift money on an ipad last night. He took Reese to the store with him and as soon as they stopped in front of the display Reese exclaimed, "I want to play Angry Birds!" I have never played this game before in my life, let alone with Reese, but somehow she connected the ipad with the game. I don't know. Oh, I also think she doesn't know that "angry" is an emotion. I think she believes it's a type of bird.

Will plugged it in on his night stand and was fiddling around with it this morning before he even got out of bed. Reese walked in to cuddle, saw him, and without missing a beat asked, "Dad, you playing with my ipad?"

As evidenced by the picture, she has gotten her share of playing with the new toy. Daddy read bedtime stories to her on it last night, she loves taking pictures and, yes, she knows how to play Angry Birds. Though I still don't. I would just like to take this moment to point out that she is two and I am 26.

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Britt Riggin said...

This story makes me so happy because Olivia is obsessed with playing with Bret's new ipad. And also knows how to use it like a pro. What's with kids these days?