Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday Party

We celebrated Liam turning 1 with the Heath side of the family on the Sunday before his birthday.

Some of the Kids sat at the counter just staring at the cake, trying to sneak tastes while we weren't looking and wishing it was time to eat!

Everyone gathers to light the candle. We had to do it three times- the first time Reese blew it out before we could sing, the second time the wind from the open window blew it out before we could sing, and the third time we made it through the happy birthday song, then Reese helped Liam blow the candle out again.

Liam and Daddy look at the cake

Song's over, let's eat!

The Pixar "Cars" themed cake had a lot of black frosting, and Liam's cousin Daxton didn't hesitate to get it all over his hair.

And uncle Mike models how we all got it all over our lips.

Liam dug right in to his piece of cake, and then went on to finish two others

Happy Birthday:

Aaaaand some video of Liam poking at cake:

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