Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day

We don't often have big plans on minor holidays, so this Labor Day we decided to finally do something worth remembering.

It started with the usual Faber-family bowling trip.
Reese had a fabulous time and, I think, scored higher than Will the first game. Or at least was ahead of him at some point.

Liam got handed around as everyone took their turn.

But, as usual, Kenzie somehow pulled out her little-kids-love-me magic and Li preferred her even to me.

Next we made a trip to Thanksgiving Point's Farmland

Despite all the real animals, Reese kept wanting pictures with the fake ones.

On the wagon ride.

Once again Reese loves the pony ride.  She wanted to ride the biggest horse they had.

Liam Did, too.

Unfortunately, Reese was second in line and the kid in front of her also wanted the biggest horse.  While she was losing that battle, the second biggest horse was also taken, and she ended up on a middle-sized pony.  Oh well, she still had fun.  Liam sat by wishing he was big enough for a turn.

Li had to be literally pried off of the cages because he wanted to touch and stare at the animals.  He had little fits as we pulled him away from one, only to attach to the cage of the next animal.  Oh, and he also tried to imitate the rooster and ended up screaming.

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