Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Years

Okay, so after the Birthday Party post I forgot to post the actual Birthday post of Reese on the 28th.  So here is the make- up:

Reese was three years old on August 28.  Here are some things about her:

LOVES Disney Cinderella . Favorite stuffed animal: horse, who's name is "Horsey" . loves to practice writing letters and coloring pictures . chooses Coco Puffs every morning for breakfast, despite an array of breakfast choices . moved from Logan to Salt Lake . hates swimming lessons (I make her go, anyway) . loves books . loves TV . Usually super sweet to her little brother, except when she's pushing or grabbing from him . listens and learns super quick . began potty training four times over the past year, is finally getting the hang of it . likes going to the library . loves errands and field trips, asks every day "where we going today?" . creative . sings . sweet voice .  always losing toys . calm and controlled personality . says her favorite things are "pink, purple, blue, horses and cats" .

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