Sunday, March 11, 2012

Slumber Party

Cousins Maranda, Gavin and Daxton got to stay the night for a Sleepover!

Here we have Maranda modeling the blanket fort we made in the bed room.  Unfortunately, only a third of it lasted until bedtime.  Actually, the whole think lasted until bedtime, only a third of it lasted until sleep time.

After the fort but before bedtime, we got to watch some riveting Thomas and Friends.  The movie stops every once in a while to get your brain thinking ("Which route should Thomas take?  Which horn sounds like Marybeth's horn?) I think the kids had fun.

The next morning, after cleaning up a breakfast of waffles that everyone said were delish despite the fact that they were whole wheat (which I must have failed to mention) we pulled out the play-doh!

 Not gonna lie, it was pretty exciting.  After play-doh we had some snacks and played a ball-toss game until Mike came to pick up the kids.  

We sure had a great time, hope to do it again!

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