Sunday, March 11, 2012


Okay, so I know I haven't posted pics of the house yet.  Actually, right as we were moving I took my computer in to get cleaned out and all the picture are on our back up hard drive which I haven't even seen since the move. But I'm so excited about a recent development that I had to share!

Our house came with Zero window coverings.  Luckily we already had some drapes to cover some bedroom windows, but not all. (Our next door neighbors would have no problem staring at me while I change Liam's diaper, as the changing table is right under a very uncovered window.)  So we've budgeted to cover a window a month and window number one is the huge glass sliding doors in the kitchen!  Outside mount vertical blinds. We put them up all by ourselves!

Yay for slightly less exposed to the outside!

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Mom said...

Very impressive!