Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally, Some New Pics

I have to admit, I'm out of the blogging habbit.  Since moving I haven't even kept up with following other's blogs, let alone keeping mine updated.  Now that I have a table (thanks, Mom) to begin unpacking office boxed onto, perhaps I will slowly begin to get a little better.

In any case, Reese recently got a new dress.  She refuses to wear pants.  She will only wear dresses.  Fancy dresses.  And they have to suit her particular taste.  She wears the same Hello Kitty dress about 5-6 days out of the week and rotates between about two other dresses the other days.  My mom tried to help by sending home some old dresses, but despite the fact that Reese professed to think they were pretty, she won't touch them.

Today the Hello Kitty dress was dirty.  Thank goodness she hates wearing dirty things because I got her to try on the new dress that we picked out together last week that she's hardly glanced at since.  She declared it her "picture dress" and insisted that we do a photo shoot.  So yeah.  There you go.  Oh, and then Liam wanted in on the action and tried to imitate Reese's poses.

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