Monday, July 2, 2012

Art Gallery

Reese LOVES art.  She could spend half the day (and does frequently) coloring and cutting out paper.  I've decided that, for my own sanity, I simply cannot keep or put on the the fridge every piece of art she does.  So I hope you don't mind my solution: To scan select pieces and post them so we'll have them in non-messy digital form.  (I guess if you do mind then too bad for you, anyway.  Because your opinion doesn't matter in this.  I'm going to post it anyway.)

Here's our first "gallery"

Trees, sun, sky, ground, flower, "Reeze" I love this one.

 Hand Prints with words in them.  I don't think she realizes that one says "Hi!"  Or maybe thats "HIL".  

I don't remember who this is, but I think it's a family member.

This may look like random squiggles, but it is actually a map of an imagined indoor playplace, complete with entrance, different sections to play in and restrooms for boys and girls.  I was super impressed when Reese pointed this all out to me.

This is me! (Mama) Look how she got me from the side, in a profile shot.  I don't think I've seen many kids her age do that.

The tree theme became popular after I painted some watercolor trees on some greeting cards, but Reese loves to add other elements of the environment, too.

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Mom said...

She takes after her mom in LOVING to draw!