Monday, July 2, 2012


Fixing up my closet to save some money on new summer clothes.  Trying to make everything I don't wear into something wearable.

Exhibit A:
Thin cheapie t-shirts:

Scrunchie drawstring shrug

Exhibit B:
 Long sleeve pink collard shirt plus:

Cute but ill-fitting and way too short purple dress equals:

  skirt/button-up combo dress

 Maybe I'll remember to take more pictures.  I'm wearing a pair of hole-knee jeans turned cuff-hem long shorts, but I forgot to take a before picture. And I've turned a few more under-used tees into this scrunchie shrug, but didn't take before pics of those either.  Sorry!

Update: here are some pics to make up for it:

The cuff-hem shorts with the hole-knee part cut off, since there's no before pic:

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