Saturday, July 14, 2012

Liam's 2

Liam is two years old today.

Here are some things about him:
blond curly hair . loves to cuddle and kiss . in bed by 8:30, stays awake until 10:30 . loves riding his trike to church, the park and around the driveway . good eater- beginning to wean him off the bib . loves trains, cars (anything with wheels) . plays with his trucks and trains by himself for long periods of time . talks a lot (lots of babbling and lots of articulate words), puts together small sentences . loves books and the library . loves baths . hates the pool . gets excited easily . gets fussy and throws fits easily (but getting better little by little) . possessive of his toys . likes car rides . gets shoes for me when I'm not getting ready to go fast enough . sweet tooth . always wants to be included .

We had the train set up last night so he would find it, along with other wrapped gifts, when he woke up this morning.  

Playing with his new crane.  He affectionately calls it "Cranky" the name of the crane from the Thomas and Friends series.

Playing with his train and pointing to the stickers Reese put on his feet in honor of his birthday.

And I have to brag for a moment about the cake.  I wasn't going to do one because this is the last birthday he'll have that he doesn't really know or care about it, but then Will convinced me that we needed to have a little celebration.  So this is a last-minute cake idea I came up with, complete with homemade marshmallow trains. So, not the fanciest or best executed cake I've ever done, but for a last-minute cake I'm pretty happy with it.  I hope he is, too.  Happy Birthday, Liam!

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