Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

This has been a pretty wonderful time, for sure.

First off, Will decided to grow a goatee along with a coworker. It lasted for about a week, and I got a picture just before he shaved it off. It's not that he doesn't look handsome with facial hair, and he does like the fact that when you have more hair on your face, that's less to shave, but ultimately he lost a lot of kisses when he had a scratchy face- mistletoe or not.

The snow has been amazing. I don't remember it snowing like this for years. Lots and lots of the white stuff. Molly loves it. I don't think there is another time of year where she wants to spend more time outdoors- which is sad because it's the exact opposite for me.

Will's work Christmas party involved a lot of bowling. The company (plus spouses or other invited guests) took up 6 lanes, and we all got to wear Santa hats. I tried to take a lot of pictures, but because people are always moving around when bowling, most of them turned out blurry. The only one that really came out okay was this one of Megan Itri (who works with Will and also happens to be my sister) and her hubby, Todd. Aren't they cute?

Okay, I know I said that we wouldn't have any more pumpkin-themed blogs this year, but I lied. You see, we've had this pumpkin on our porch since before Halloween, and it hasn't softened or rotted or anything. I think it might have helped that the outdoors has rotated between refrigerator and freezer temperatures, but I finally got around to carving a jack-o-lantern. Yes, I did try to make it relevant to this season.
And you all visited our Christmas card site, right? Hmm. Now maybe I should start Christmas shopping.....

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Mike Heath said...

If you really loved my brother, you would kiss him with or without a scratchy face.

I say that because I think we should have a Heath brother mustache growing contest. I would condone a goatee growing contest but with the BYU Honor Code and all... Besides, the Holidays are a perfect time for facial hair.