Sunday, June 29, 2008

Goodbye Sundays and Saturday Nights for Will

Okay so here goes my first blog ever. If Matt can do this so can I. I might even add a picture. So we just moved about a month ago and this means the fun of a new ward and new callings. We moved at a great time too. The Elders Quorum has all a president, first counselor, second counsilor, and secretary. The relief society is the same as far as I know. We were a little worried about the young womens presidency but that worry was quickly taken care of. So last night I get a call from one of our high council members and I was playing an online game with a friend and didn't hear him very well and thought that he was from the stake presidency, that makes you more nervous. He wanted to meet with Anna and I this morning at 8:45. I didn't think too much about since I had some domination to dish out but then I finished playing and sat down to eat dinner with Anna. The thought finally struck me what if they call me to the Bishopric? Then Anna lets me know that the first counselor is moving in a couple of weeks, it turns out a week, and I start to freak out. I know that there is going to be something that involves working with the bishopric or an elder's quorum counselor. So I didn't sleep very well last night with the worry of being called to the bishopric in the back of my mind. I got out of bed at about 6:30 and tried to occupy myself and not think about my interview. Luckly 8:45 finally rolled around and I met with our stake high councillman. That was a releaving since I knew that I figured I wouldn't be in the bishopric but I was wrong. I am not a counselor in the bishopric but I am the new Assistan Executive Secretary. So now most of my Sundays are going to start at 7:00AM, Anna and I may actually get close to using our cell phone minutes, and the only thing that I know for sure is that I get to help the counselors with their interview schedules. So we will keep you posted on what I get to do besides meetings and more meetings and more meetings, oh ,and phone calls.

What Will is going to look like when you see him on Sundays.

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