Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom

As a birthday gift for my mother, we decided that all us kids were going to get together secretly and get our picture taken as a family. That's 8 kids, 4 spouses and 3.5 grand kids to coordinate schedules with at a time when mom wouldn't suspect a thing. Yeah, we're pretty amazing.

We all dressed in white shirts and brown/khaki pants and snuck out in the morning hours to get together and have a photo shoot. It was all done in record time. After that, however, we had to figure out how to get home, when mom would be awake, and somehow not be suspicious-looking when 15 people came walking through the door all dressed the same. Our solution was that we would not all go home at the same time, and try to get by and change our clothes before Mom saw us. For me and Will it was a piece of cake, since we don't live with Mom, but others went to Krispy Kreme to bide some time, and we met them there to hang out the rest of the day.

The Faber girl's husbands... so far. Taylor, Matt, Will, Todd. Notice Brayden and Kylee in the background looking at the donuts being made. The kids were completely enthralled.

Will and I had to join in the Krispy Kreme hat-wearing, and put one on Reesey, too.

The whole gang.

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