Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Picture Day

Grrr. I tried so hard. I carefully scheduled Reese's meals all day so that she would eat just before going to the photography studio. We changed her diaper while we were there. We talked to her, sang to her, smiled at her, but she didn't smile back. She should have been dry and sated and happy, but instead was tired and grumpy and fussy. After a while I gave up the hope of getting a picture with her smiling and was simply hoping for a picture with her not obviously wailing. We went hope tired and somewhat discouraged. I hope most of the pictures turn out okay.
We got home and it was time to change the diaper again. The changing table must be a happy place for her, because she began smiling and wide-mouthed grinning and cooing. I rolled my eyes, but it was too difficult to be frustrated at such a cute face. I suppose I can't help it if she's happier in a place that I associate with poop than a place I associate with memories.

"I love the changing table, Mom!"

I have a grandpa that thinks she isn't really smiling, that the appearance of a smile is just "colic". I've got news for you grandpa, this girl can smile for real and gets excited, too.

Reese in one of her picture outfits. I'll post a copy of professional ones if any turn out good enough to share here. Will made the comment that, though Reese had three wardrobe changes during the photo sitting, all of her clothes were hand-me-downs or gifts. Hooray for cousins and baby showers!

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