Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blessing Day

Sunday, October 12, Shareese was given a special blessing by her dad. Friends and family were there to support and celebrate this precious baby and the prospect of her eternal future. After church we had a get-together with food and socializing. This is the first time I got to host a family gathering, (meaning I did the planning and invitations and the food prep. It will still be a while before I actually live in a home large enough to fit so many people.)

Though administered with a real power, the blessing hasn't stopped frequent fussing, leaky diapers or 3:00 am feedings, but it has helped me to appreciate the love of family, friends, and Heavenly Father. For sure I love both Reese and spending time at gatherings of loved ones, so obviously I thought this was super-fun.

Our little family with Reese in her blessing dress (thanks, Ellie!)

Bret holding Reese for a photo-op by her "Welcome Reese" cake.

Those who stood in the blessing circle.
(Reese's) Great Grandpa Dorian Faber, Great Grandpa Paul Heath, Grandpa James Heath, Daddy William Heath (holding baby Reese), Grandpa Daniel Faber, Great Grandpa Austin Christensen, Uncle P. Howard Heath.
I feel so lucky to have had this group of patriarchs participate in Shareese's special day.

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