Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sharon Park 8th Ward Halloween

Our church did a Halloween party tonight. There was a chili cook-off and a Trunk-or-Treat (named such because it is traditionally set up in such a way that various volunteers use a trunk or box to set up a station inside the church gym where little kids can go trick-or-treat at. We used the classrooms around the church rather than having volunteers bring trunks.) I've been playing hooky from Relief Society for the past two weeks for a couple of reasons, so I didn't find out until this week that we were supposed to wear costumes to the party.
Luckily, my cousin's wife, Kaylie, got Reese an adorable pumpkin costume. It's for a 1-year-old, but still looks cute. I pulled out our costumes from last year, made some tweaks and viola! It was a fun night.

We were lucky that my sister, Megan, asked to borrow the Kermit accessories or we wouldn't have had them out for Will to wear again.

Cutest pumpkin at the party!

I thought about dressing Reese as Fozzy Bear to continue the Muppet theme, but I didn't have time. I just hope that our real Halloween costumes come together by the 31st....

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