Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For The Record, This Is Our Meal Routine

1. Put Reese in her chair

2. Put on two bibs, in case one fails or she licks it too much.
3. Get out a towel with one part wet and one part dry to wipe off her hands when she manages to get them in her mouth.

4. Mix up the rice cereal, about three tablespoons at a time, to a little thicker than applesause. Err on the side of thicker, because it thins out as you feed her. If it gets too soupy, add some more cereal mix.

5. Push the cereal to one side and add some veggies to the other side of the bowl. Don't feed her straight out of the veggies container because if she doesn't finish it then the spit from the spoon will start breaking down the food as it sits there and then it gets thrown out.

6. The first bit should be cereal because she like that the best. Then you can start putting both foods on the spoon at the same time.
7. Try and keep her mouth clean by scraping anything that gets around her mouth with the spoon. Good luck with this

8. You may have to have an extra spoon ready so that if she steals yours you'll have another one to entice her with.
9. I wish I had a video of her trying not to get her face wiped off after she is all done, but I think it's pretty comical.
10. Let her drink from a bottle to fill the rest of her tummy.
11. Smile back at her. She's usually in a good mood after she eats.

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Hosander said...

That is intensive. But at least you are prepared, you wouldn't want to find yourself wiping her face and fingers off with your shirt. Like some moms. I'm just saying...