Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goings On

I put Liam sitting up in his crib at nap time because he seemed awake enough to want to play around for a while. I figured he would lay back when he was ready to sleep, but he leaned forward instead, folding himself in half. This is how Will found him. I laughed, then took a picture, then straightened him out.

Reese hiding under her heart blanket

Reese has to fix the wrinkles that Liam put in her nicely spread out blanket

Daddy and Reesy playing around

I love this picture. I know that Reese and I are only dots in the middle, but it's pretty scenery and sentimental when I think about how we ran around and chased the geese and ducks, just the two of us. And then that one huge goose came right up to us and I was afraid he was going to attack us until I realized he was expecting us to feed him. Ah, good times.

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