Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seven Months

Today is Reesey's seven month birthday. I think the seventh month gets kind of neglected because it's not really a milestone age. No doctor's visits (planned, anyway), celebration parties or reducible fractions (unlike the sixth month, which is 6/12 that reduces to 1/2).

Anyway, here are some things about Reese:
Smiles at everyone . usually wakes up happy . Just starting to get the hang of rolling around and scooting . loves to watch other little kids play . grabs everything . laughs to herself sometimes . sticks her tounge out . fits in to 12 month clothing . likes to play with her feet . sucks her thumb . drools a lot . starting to prefer Momma when she's upset . Sits with us at the table for meals . refuses to get on her knees to even attempt crawling . loves to stand up, though she can't do it on her own . dances . imitates sounds that Momma and Daddy make . good traveler, in the car and on walks . enjoys being on the changing table - probably because she knows that's a place she always gets my undivided attention . comforted by holding a blanket . likes to push buttons . has her own remote control (not the one that actually changes the channels) . beams when Daddy comes home . Eats anything we feed her . Scoots around the crib in the middle of the night (I think while she's still asleep) . gets cranky when she stays up past bed time (8:30) . loves to play with new things . looks to see where sounds are coming from . hates being left out, and looks for Momma or Daddy when she thinks one of us is being left out .

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