Saturday, March 28, 2009

Logan, Here We Come

Will succeeded in getting into the Utah State University Master of Human Resources program, so were up and out at the end of this summer. We're way excited to continue in education, but I for one am not excited to move. It will be okay, I do need an adventure every once in a while to keep me from getting bored.


Nate and Calixta said...

are you both going to school? Congrats on going back to school! that is exciting!

Ryan and Maranda said...

Congratulations Will! I think you and Holly and I need to all go at the same time. We can start Will's Dr. Office in Logan, and I will have my own branch whereever we decide to move to, and Holly can be the Assistant to the Dr. We should make a pact. I hope that wouldn't give Shelly a heart attack! :(

Jessica said...

Everyone I know loves living in Logan. I hope you do too! How exciting.