Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Winter

Reesey made it through her first winter. On to the first Spring!! The winter weather keeps trying to come back, and we're doing our best to fend it off by doing as many spring-y activities as possible.

We have family night with some friends every Monday, and last time Reesey got to have a taste of popsicle. She loved it. The chill must not have bothered her because it was a struggle to keep her hands on the stick instead of the popsicle itself.

BBQ! Some friends in our ward had a BBQ. The weather tried to scare us away, but we would not be frightened. Will was fabulous and held Reese for most of the time while I did silly things like chat up the ladies and try to fly a kite with a friend's son. Good times.

We have been shopping for summer. We're going on a Caribbean Cruise in June and I'm paranoid about the sun. It would be a nightmare to have a burned baby. I think it's going to take some practice to keep sunglasses on this one, though.

Good weather means walks! By far my favorite part about the warmth is being able to get outside and walk again. Sometimes we invite friends to come with us, but we don't mind taking a jaunt just the two of us, either. And we walk to the grocery store. Reese even lets her hat stay on her head most of the time.

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