Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reesey One-Oh-One

This is my hundred-and-first post.

Yesterday was Reese's six month birthday.

Here are some things about Reese:

Sucks her thumb, not her binky . likes to stand (with help) . rolls over . gets sick of tummy time pretty quick . smiles at momma when she wakes up . likes carrots and squash . wears 3 month old clothes . wears 6 month old clothes . wears 12 month old clothes . eats her skirts . grabs everything . huge smile . goes to bed at 8:30 . wakes up at 7:00 . wonderful when traveling . holds her blanket when sucking her thumb . refuses to get up on hands and knees . curious . slobbers . long toenails . getting fuzzy blond hair . gets excited when daddy comes home . doesn't like bath water . doesn't mind a dirty diaper . startles easily . sleeps through almost anything . likes to suck on wet cloth . sits up . not ticklish . laughs at Momma and Daddy's silly noises. Starting to choose Momma over strangers . likes to watch things move . has the sweetest personality we could want in a baby.

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