Monday, April 20, 2009

Weather Getting Better

We're loving what Mother Nature had in store this past week.

The snow melted quickly enough. Reese has discovered that she loves the outdoors. She always gets excited when we go out the door and she's not already strapped in her carseat.

Reese in the Grass
While my sisters were off for spring break last week, we all went up to visit our grandparents in Salt Lake. We went to the Mayan restaruant and shot some pictures with the giant snake statue outside. This is Reese about to be eaten.
Inside, on of the Mayan priests caught Reese's attention. I think she was way impressed. She especially liked his big stick.

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Anita Robbins said...

Reese does look happy in the grass and sunshine. It was so great to see your precious family. Anna has been such a fabulous friend for Britt all these years. I hope you will be able to keep in touch. Bret and Britt will surely miss the FHE with the Heaths!