Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 Months

Reese is 8 months today. Here are some things about her:
Loves to play with hoodie strings and computer chords . learned how to clap . no interest in crawling . can scoot around in circles on her tummy as fast as lightning . eats any food we give her . likes crackers and snack bits . loves playing with the computer mouse . Teething . drools a lot . loves to go outside . loves to go outside even more when she's not in a carseat or stroller . social . loves to watch other kids play . beams at strangers- especially those who smile back . holds her blanket when she sucks her thumb . has been known to hold hard object, like toys, to her face when she sucks her thumb, too . Gets frustrated to no end when something is just out of reach . "blows raspberries" . really likes her bath toys . enjoys splashing in the bath tub . sticks her tongue out . walks with help balancing . pulls hair and earrings . loves beaded necklaces . wiggles . pulls off her socks . good traveler .



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Nate and Calixta said...

Wow she is growing so fast! She is too cute!