Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Funny Things

When I'm home, I randomly hear a chicken clucking. I think the clucking comes from my neighbor's yard. I always tell Will when he gets home that "I heard the chicken again today." I think he must have thought I was nuts. I'm really going crazy because I don't hear voices, I hear clucking. But the other day, I caught sight of the chicken! It exists! I'm not crazy!

But I still think it's kind of wierd that a neighbor with such a small yard (townhome yard) would have a chicken. I talked to the people who live in the townhome next door, and they say that there are pigeons, too. Pigeons aren't as loud as chickens.

Reese has recently developed an affinity for blowing raspberries. I didn't know what "blowing raspberries" was before, but this video shows it pretty clearly. She began around the same time I noticed teething symptoms. I heard that babies drool more when they teeth, but do they spit, too? The picture is at a weird angle because we had to hide the camera behind the salt and pepper shakers so that Reese wouldn't see it and just start smiling.

1 comment:

Britt said...

It's like the ghost goat!

And Reese is so freaking funny! I wish I were there to get her to blow a raspberry at me