Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Snowers Bring May Plowers

Geesh, Snow again? Before the snow, we were able to go out on walks and visit Darren on BYU campus and William at work and run other errands and stuff. What is up with the today warm tomorrow blizzard thing? I wish the weather would make up its mind. I wish its mind would be spring instead of winter.

Last week it was so warm that I didn't feel compelled to put pants on Reesey.

Then this is what it looked like this morning

Reesey visits Daddy at work and helps him with setting up a phone

Visiting uncle Darren at BYU

I enjoyed visiting him and playing games- you know, just for fun

There's nothing exceptionally special about this picture except that it was actually taken on Easter day. I thought I didn't have any pics, but here she is right after we put her pajamas on. within minutes of her being in her cute eater outfit. *sigh*

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Britt said...

I loved the title to this entry, it made me giggle. First I thought you had a lisp, and then I realized it was clever.