Thursday, April 16, 2009

USU Update

Yesterday Will and I went up to Logan to scope out Utah State University. Despite having beautifully gorgeous weather earlier in the week, it was raining cats and dogs as we took the two-hour drive up, and began snowing while we were there. But besides the dreary weather, we had a great trip. I had wanted to wait until it was sure to be sunny outside, but it turns out it was better this way.

After the housing and campus tours, and trying out some Aggie ice cream, we met with William's advisor, who suggested that Will beginning school this summer instead of this fall in order to get certain classes out of the way. I had heard about the summer class program because I'm the one that attended the college fair where we got the info for the HR program, but since we will be out of state in June, we assumed that Will wouldn't be able to participate in these semi-intensive study. Turns out we were wrong, and we're moving up to Logan the second week of June.

We also talked about the program, met some staff, and learned that Will will be going with the school on an "international experience" in addition to his internship, and will probably go to Barcelona, perhaps Israel. I think I'm even more excited about it than he is.

And thanks mom and sisters for watching Reese while we took this trip. We really appreciate it!

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Megan & Matt said...

WOW! Congrats you guys but we will be sad that you are moving.