Saturday, October 31, 2009

Around The House

Reese likes to help around the house. Some things she is very helpful at are: emptying the dishwasher (onto the floor), closing the dishwasher, sweeping (pictured), picking up clutter (and moving it around), and generally boosting morale.

I tried to think of something we might have around the house that we could stack up into a tower, when I realized we had just got a bulk purchase of tissue boxes. At first she had no interest, then she helped me stack, then, when I had knocked the tower over a couple of times ad she realized she could do it herself, wouldn't even let one box stand upright by itself.

We also let her play with the box from her new winter boots.

Unfortunately it's another case of the "drop what I'm doing so I can stare at the camera"s

I took the ingenious idea from another blogger and let Reese explore flour. She always watches me roll out dough and wants to help, and letting her play with just the flour was great.
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Not a whole lot of excitement- this one's for you, Ellie.

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