Friday, October 9, 2009

No Birthday Pictures

Sorry. My birthday was a little stressful.
Last weekend was our church's general conference weekend. The conference broadcasts take the place of going to church for that weekend. I love the spiritual boost it gives. As we were watching the conference, I checked online at to see if the text of the talks were available. The web site said they wouldn't be available until Thurs, Oct 8. On Wednesday night, I was so excited to review some of the things that were taught, and I got a little jittery. "Hey Will, do you know what tomorrow is?" I asked excitedly. I didn't think he really knew.
"Uh, your Birthday?" He replied.
"Oh. Yeah, I guess it is," I said. I had to think about that for a moment. He's had to keep reminding me that my birthday was coming up and here I am, the night before, and I don't even remember. But it's just as well, my birthday wasn't a fabulous one.
In birthdays past, the focus has been on celebration- games, presents, cake etc. But this time, the highlight was talking to family. I had a lot of phone calls and emails and I think my birthday happiness depended on every single one. Most of the conversations didn't even stay on birthday wishes, which is alright by me.

I just want to say thanks to my whole family. Life would be a hundred times harder without you guys, and birthdays would not be worth celebrating.

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