Monday, October 19, 2009

Trip To Bear Lake

Last week, Will's sisters, Becky and Christine, graciously invited us to share in their vacation at a timeshare at Bear Lake. It was three days of fun.

Reese Behaved herself pretty well, but she had to re-warm up to her aunts every morning. You'd think she'd remember from the day before that they're nice people.
One evening, she put a cloth on her head and ran around from person to person playing peek-a-boo. She only ran into the all once, and unfortunately I had just turned off the video right before it happened. (video below)

We went on a hike to some freshwater springs in Paris, Idaho. The springs were gorgeous, and it was pretty cool to see the water just come up out of the ground like that.

On the Hike

The springs.
The gang in front of Bear Lake. It was late enough in the season that we couldn't do any lake swimming, but the beach was exclusively ours.

Will and Reese on the lake front

Becky and Christine collecting some of the tons of tiny seashells for a future project.

Yes, I was there too.
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Thanks for a wonderful time, guys!

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