Monday, February 7, 2011


Happy Birthday, Will. I had to travel on Will's birthday so we did cake and presents the night before, and then went out to breakfast the morning of before I had to leave.

Reese helped wrap, and then unwrap, the presents:

Will asked for confetti cake. It was a beast to frost because the cake kept coming apart. I covered it in sprinkles to hide the terrible icing job and put some of those sugar decorations on it. Reese liked the decorations more than the cake. She left Will three girlfriends when she blew out the candles for him before we finished the birthday song. I think she was worried that we wouldn't let her blow at them if she waited until we were done singing, because she always waits until we're done when we practice blowing out play dough candles.

Breakfast at Angie's:

Thanks to everyone for the fun cards and birthday wishes! Happy Birthday, Will!

(PS: if you're confused about the 'girlfriends' comment earlier, it's the tradition in our family that however many candles don't get blown out on the first blow are how many girlfriends (or boyfriends, depending) you have. I suppose the joke is that you must be hiding them from everyone else. Now that I think about it I don't know why this is funny. But it is.)


Mike Heath said...

Ah crap. I totally forgot to call. Happy Belated Birthday Bob Joe!

Savings for 2011 said...

He He! I'm laughing now, just thinking about the three candles. . . yep, funny.

Savings for 2011 said...

Happy Birthday Will!

Savings for 2011 said...

Not sure why I'm coming up as "savings for 2011." It's me, Jasmine!