Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day For Twenty Bucks

Valentines day was awesome this year. We don't usually do much (or anything) for valentines day that costs money, but this year I've been having a really hard couple of weeks, possibly because of the weather, possibly because of burn-out, but definitely a cause for a little extra thought on Valentines. So I (like a good wife) told Will flat out that he needed to do something for me for Valentines, instead of just hoping he would surprise me.

On Valentines morning, he took Reese out with him so I get some one-on-one time with Liam. I've been craving this individual time lately with both the kids, because I don't get the chance often to be with just one or the other. Later Will said that he took her because he needed a "girl's opinion" about what flowers to buy. Reese helped him pick out this arrangement:

Which is better than roses because they will last longer than a couple of days. Will said he thought it might be good for me to have something bright and living to cheer me up. Perfect.

Meanwhile, I snuck a Valentine note and a bag of Will's favorite Chex mix into his backpack to find at school. While he was gone I did some laundry and cleaned up our bedroom (which seems to be the rendezvous point for junk mail, crumpled clothes, knick knacks and lost toys) and the living room (Will has angelically been keeping the kitchen clean) so that we could relax that evening without clutter driving me nuts.

Later, Reese and I went to pick out a special Valentine treat for her. She got a ballerina Cinderella, that has so far slept with her at night and naps, and come on all our errands.

Then, we went out to eat at a USU catered Valentines dinner (buffet style and I stacked up my plate with the fresh green beans- delish! and ate two desserts) with entertainment- child care provided. We came home, put the kids to bed and relaxed with a classic romantic movie, Cassablanca.

It was a fabulously reviving day. Also, the pleasure has been lasting because I like to reflect how we spent around $22 for everything that day, total. I feel like we got a pretty good deal.

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